Monday, 2 April 2012

April Updates

Hi all! Sorry about all the delays and recent lack of communication - life seems to be getting in the way of my masterful planning here. Last month there was a sudden death in the family that contributed to the delays of the planned Etsy site launch. There are a few kinks to still work out, and bugs to address, before the site will be launched. But I promise you, despite all the delays Loveless Arachne will be online and soon!

I've been working out some new designs, brand new looks for this summer and fall including a vintage inspired crocheted bat-wing sweater, a skull and roses velvet bolero jacket, a beautiful black maxi-skirt, and of course new varieties of Jellyfish Earrings - including my new favourite thread colour, petal pink. Some ideas are being tossed around for some Lovecraftian and D&D inspired jewellery as well as my fiancĂ©e is getting involved with ideas for some hand made runes and casting boards. It's going to be a wonderfully busy spring, and I promise I will keep in touch!

Thanks all for your patience with us, and we hope to see you at our Etsy launch!

<3 Loveless <3

Saturday, 3 March 2012


The last time I took a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium I was enamoured by the grace and otherworldly beauty possessed by the jellyfish. They had many tanks with a few different species indigenous to the British Columbian coasts, including a few smaller Lion's Mane jellyfish, the largest known species of jellyfish in the world. Most people don't naturally associate jellyfish with Canada, but I aim to change peoples perspective on the strange and unique marine invertebrates.

Last year I decided to create a pair of earrings for a friend of mine also uniquely inspired by jellyfish. I was so in love with the simple yet delicate design that I knew others would love them too. I made myself two pairs - a smaller pair in ecru and goldstone, and a larger pair in blue and amethyst. Both pairs receive great reception when worn around town casually with jeans and a t-shirt or when dressed up for a night on the town. They are truly statement pieces, earrings that will easily steal the show.

Each pair of Jellyfish Earrings is hand crocheted using Irish crochet lace techniques to create delicate and distinctive jellyfish. The largest size thread used is size 10 or bedspread weight, creating a single finished jellyfish of approximately five inches in length with a cap the diameter of approximately one inch. The medium size jellyfish, only available in white, are size 20 thread and finish at roughly four and a half inches, while the smallest are a size 30 thread and measure about 4 inches finished with a cap no larger than a quarter. Sixty seed beads are strung to the centre small tentacles and then eight natural stone beads are tied on at random lengths. It takes approximately three hours to complete each pair from crochet to beading to finishing; it takes a little less time to complete the larger sizes than the smaller ones.

The earrings also make unique ornaments and can be hung from car mirrors, windows or anywhere they can catch the light and sparkle. The semiprecious stones currently available for the jellyfish are amethyst, garnet, goldstone, hemetite, lapis lazuli, lemon jade, red bamboo coral, and opalite.

If you wish to order a pair - I will have at least a half dozen pre-made pairs available on Etsy in the next few weeks, and soon there will be more thread colours and semiprecious stones available. If you would like a custom order please contact me for details.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Natural Inspiration

Today I'm working hard to finish up the first batch of Jellyfish Earrings to go on sale in my Etsy shop, hopefully by the weekend I will be ready for my first ever photo shoot so I can have at least a dozen items listed within the next couple of weeks. Until then, I thought I'd share some inspirational photos I took on another random Thursday.

  Once apon a time, when my hair was green and I didn't know how to focus a camera, a few friends and I took a trip out to a place we aptly named "The Vale". I'm sure it had a real name, but to us nothing could suit it more than the name we chose. Driving towards old Tranquille in Kamloops, we made a turn down a back road and an old highway that I later learned would take us beyond city limits and into some strange places... but on this first trip we went out to the vale to explore the nature around our town, to find the kind of inspiration that comes from a random adventure with close friends. On the way back I made my friend stop his car, so I could snap a photo of some graffiti on a sign.

For three years I've looked over these pictures, for three years my eyes were drawn towards the hastily scrawled graffiti on that sign. "Rezoning Application" it says beneath the words of whoever began the   tagging. Was it two people, one writing loveless and the other sensing that loveless was incomplete? Or was it one tagger, just writing random words on a sign? And what ever could it mean? It was the only tag of "Loveless Arachne" I'd ever seen, and it stuck with me.
What is Loveless Arachne? To me it's knowing your strengths, and persevering beyond what others perceive as weakness. To be loveless isn't weak; to be loveless you must be stronger than everyone else. You must be aware of yourself and take care of yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Because who would ever dare to love a spider?


Sunday, 26 February 2012


Hello, and welcome to Loveless Arachne, the home of Crochet Lace Jellyfish Earrings! This is the very first blog post on the new Loveless Arachne blog, hosted by Blogger.

I've been a so-called blogger now for years, lurking about eye-balling other interesting blogs of note, and randomly posting on whatever interests me at the time. My personal blog, Terribley Titled, is where you can find my random thoughts and posts on most anything and everything - until now. Now you can find all my design, art, DIY, and fashion related posts here on Loveless A, and pretty soon you'll be seeing me on Etsy too.

It has always been my intention as a designer to be the kind who designs with curves in mind. No woman is a stick, even at our skinniest. It's my goal to prove that funky, fun, and accessible fashion can be made available to any woman, size 0 to infinity. I believe in harbouring a healthy body image, and how better to do that than to dress in a comfortable, stylish and personal way? I always look forward to a personal custom job whether it's for jewellery, apparel or costuming.

Check out the About page if you want to know more about the mission here at Loveless Arachne, or if you want to know a little more about me personally.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, info found on the contact page.

You'll be hearing more from me soon!