Saturday, 12 December 2015

I've done that thing I do again...

My online presence has gotten lost here among all my other endeavors! I can't believe it was MAY the last time I made a post on here!

If you're wondering why...

Well, I got a little bit sidetracked by working a new day job, and co-founding a revolutionary pajama company for men.

Check out BroJamas on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram if you wanna learn more!

But don't worry, I've got a lot more ideas soon to come! Just gotta take the time to take some photos!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Change is in the Air!

Slowly, like snails pace slowly, we're moving all our information over to the new branding!

No longer Loveless Arachne - soon we'll be known only as ContraryAnn Designs!

Much more indicative of the boho-kitsch pieces I make, and has more of a personal feel, don't you think?

So the blog address has changed, my IG account has too, and slowly the rest will move over to the new name!

And, pretty soon, there'll be some new lovely letterhead and logos too!

Check us out on Etsy - use the promo code CONTRARY to get free shipping anywhere! An early celebration of the new look and style!

Thanks a bunch!

Here's a picture of my cat to tide you all over.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Timely Arrivals

My new beads arrived! Thank you, BeadXPert on Etsy! They're PERFECT <3

These are for some new, Harry Potter inspired designs I'm making! I picked each stone for very specific reasons, not just colour co-ordination! I've always loved gem lore, and thought that it was very appropriate to attempt to hold to for these magically inspired designs.

Blue Goldstone is a stone of wisdom, learning, and communication. More than a perfect match for Hogwarts house Ravenclaw!

Carnelian is a stone of inner strength, emotional harmony and courage. Hello, my beautiful Gryffindor stone!

Serpentine is a stone used to attract wealth and power. Also, it's called serpentine and it looks like snake-skin. I could not think of any other stone to represent Slytherin!

Yellow Jade is a stone of love, serenity, and cheerfulness. Maybe it could also be a stone of finding? I hear Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.

I am so excited to get working with these new gems!

Also... I'm very excited to announce that Loveless Arachne will soon be going through a period of re-branding. Including a change of name, but not of heart! The instagram account has already been updated! Find me on IG now as contrary_ann_designs to see a lot of pictures of my cats. More on these changes as soon as a few more kinks are hammered out.

For now, check out Loveless Arachne on Etsy for cool crochet jewelry and toques! Use the code LOVESPRING for 25% off all crochet jewelry items in the shop!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

So I Bought a Fish

Not a lot of news with the Etsy Shop these days... I'm waiting impatiently for some new gemstone beads I purchased to arrive, so I can work up some new, Harry Potter inspired, designs to list! Check back soon, it's going to be magical!

Other than that, I've been keeping myself occupied with some sewing commissions, gardening, and setting up a 10 gallon aquarium for this little beauty!

Of all the tropical freshwater fish, Betta Splendins are my favourites! And this little guy is just stunning to watch dart around his 10 gallon home! I named him Aristotle, as he's very curious.

He's a twin tail variety with mustard gas colouration, which I was surprised to find for only $8.99 at one of the local pet stores! This variety is very sought after, and his light blue iridescence and leopard spotting on his dorsal fin make him especially unique.

Unfortunately, he was quite sick when I brought him home. He was dull in colour and as you can see, some damage was done to his upper tail fin, possibly the early onset of fin rot. He also had a swollen abdomen and swim bladder.

The poor guy.

Now, after moving him to a bigger home than a betta bowl, and medicating him for the possible fin rot and feeding him pieces of pea to combat the constipation and bladder swelling, he's happy as a clam!

I'm really enjoying watching him these days. And it's becoming apparent that he's watching me back. He likes to show off, and play with the bubbles in his tank.

Eventually, I might get him some tank mates. Corydoras are another favourite fish of mine that I have previously found success keeping with bettas. I've also read about bettas living well with glass catfish, and am seriously considering that option too. But for now I'm going to slowly phase out the artificial plants in his home in favour of some live ones. I just added a java fern today, and am looking into other varieties of plant life that will do well in his smaller scale home with the added obstacle of using undergravel filtration.

Anyway... enough about my fish!

Sales are still on in the Etsy Shop! Use the promo code LOVESPRING for 25% off any jewelry! Coupons are only valid until April 30th! So now's a good time to shop and save!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

And I love spring! I'm a gardener at heart, and I love growing all kinds of lovely green and floral things! I also love making green and floral things... and then selling those things!

And what better way to celebrate spring than with a sale?!

Use the coupon code LOVESPRING to get 25% off any purchase over $40.00 in the shop

I was going to make it a sale on flowers and springtime stock only, but I thought about it and decided jellyfish could also be spring, right?

Now that the sales all set up, it might be time to go dig in my garden.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Behold! Milk Thistles!

Oh my goodness gracious, this custom order turned out just beautiful! Seriously, the pictures just don't even do the beauty of these little flowers justice! I love working on custom designs, and in this case I love these little flowers so much - I intend to make them available made to order on the Etsy shop!

Also, I showed them to another friend of mine, and that has spurred on a search for the right kind of glass eyes to use to turn this pattern into a pair of beholder earrings. As soon as I can get glass eyes... ooh... I'm so excited!

Oh, and there's a couple new listings in the shop! Check it out!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happiness is the first Sale!

Well, it's official! The first Etsy sale was made yesterday, and now I'm working on a new design for custom earrings!


It's kind of cool collaborating with people on ideas! I was asking about favourite flowers, and the thistle came up. I forgot about how beautiful and aggressive thistles are. Also, they're a good flower for attracting butterflies, which to me juxtaposes their danger delightfully. They will make very cool and different kinds of earrings for sure!

I'm so excited for this, I just really hope they work up as easily as I imagine they will!

Remember, from now until April 1st for every purchase made in the Etsy shop, you'll receive a 25% off discount coupon towards your next purchase! Oh, and in a day or two there should be new listings! Some more jellyfish, beautiful daffodils and fuchsias! And maybe some thistles...  

Well, back to work! I've got earrings to make! And ship out!

Friday, 6 March 2015


We've been live for almost a month, and still no sales in the Etsy shop!

But I think I've got it figured out. I know what you want.


You want free stuff!

Who doesn't?

For whoever makes the first purchase in the Etsy shop, I'll give you a FREE pair of custom made earrings! That's right, FREE and CUSTOM. 

Whoever said I wasn't generous?

Also, ongoing until April 1st, for every purchase made on Etsy, receive a 25% coupon towards your next purchase!

Seriously folks, what could be better than this? Free merch, and discounts!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Support Local Business, Support Local Art

Yesterday I took a good stash of jewelry down to the Golden Buddha, here in Kamloops. I'm working on trying to get some more of my designs in more local shops, but right now the only place other than Etsy where you can find my designs will be there.  Well, you could also contact me directly, of course. Especially if you're looking for custom made pieces!

I love the Buddha, if you've never been it's a really wonderful little gift shop that carries a wide range of cool and interesting gift ware, jewelry, books, art, clothing, metaphysical paraphernalia, crystals... and the place has such a wonderful vibe. I love going there. They've even adopted a blue piano - the one that used to sit out all summer on Victoria Street - so if you feel like serenading a bunch of random people and the staff, you can!

So if you are local, and looking to support local businesses and artists like me, you should definitely head there (and buy some jellyfish!)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Designs in Flowers

It's probably why I worked at a garden centre for the last three years, my love of plants and flowers. I also love delicate, crochet lace flowers. I've seen some absolutely incredible floral designs all over Pinterest, Etsy, and the rest of the internet. Most are made with either Japanese or Irish crochet techniques (although I believe most of the hyper-realistic ones are Japanese)

But I noticed a distinctive lack in designs for my favourite flower, Fuschias.

I actually have three favourite flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Phalaenopsis Orchids, and Fuchsias.

Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra) have been my favourite since I was a little girl. My grandma used to have
Dicentra spectabilis

a huge half-whiskey barrel planter filled with the most gorgeous Bleeding Hearts, and I have had them in my own gardens ever since I moved out of my parents home. They are an easy, beautiful perennial to grow, but unfortunately I just don't know how well they would translate into crochet. I've seen some designs that I like, others that kind of look like a crochet kidney. The fact that patterns already exist for the flower actually makes me less interested in designing my own.
Phalaenopsis Orchids
Orchids, well, there's plenty of patterns out there for those and eventually I'll probably figure out my own way to make them too. But because they are so plentiful online, it's not really piquing my interest.
Fuchsia 'Dark Eyes'
Fuchsias, on the other hand, make spectacular earrings and pendants. And they've always kind of looked like the flower equivalent of dancing fairies to me. So pretty. I've grown Fuschias in every garden I've ever had. They, like Bleeding Hearts, just seem precious and delicate and interesting to me. Also, they grow very well in the shade and I've got a big tree in my backyard that's just throwing shade everywhere. And, surprisingly, I found very little representation for them as a crochet pattern online.

So I made up my own pattern, combining a few other patterns and modifying it to have the look I wanted. At the time, I only had a small selection of colours that would really work for Fuschia's, so rather than go for my favourite colour of Fuchsia, Blue Eyes, I went for something more like Windchimes - pink outter petals with a white centre. And here's the end result!

These pictures REALLY do not do these delicate little flowers enough justice. I snapped them quickly with my phone, just so I could throw a pic on my Instagram. The picture on the left is not a completed fuchsia earring, obviously. The pic on the right is me, wearing the first pair, finished and beaded up with some glass seed beads and howlite chips. I've been wearing them around for a few days now, and they've definitely been getting attention! I'm so excited for these, I even bought some new thread in purple, so I can make the Blue Eyes variant! Definitely going to be a few pairs up in the shop in the next couple of days, after I take some better pics!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Items in the Shop!

It's really nice having a stash of yarn left over from other projects. It allows me to create in a free-crochet kind of way, without worrying that I'm using up precious supplies for the shop. Sometimes, when I'm designing, I come up with interesting and gorgeous things that I can actually sell. And because I'm using limited supplies, they wont ever be exactly duplicated. Unique, and one of a kind!

That's how I wound up designing these three new toques!

 Consomme V Toque on Etsy Jelly Beanie on Etsy

It started with wanting to use some new stitches. The first was the V Stitch, which creates a really nice loose net look when crocheted with a larger hook. When I went to make a brim for the hat, however, nothing I made really worked for me. I've always really liked the look of the Bullion Stitch, but had never used it. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it. Bullion Stitch adds some weight near the front of the hat, and I thought it makes a cute brim. I personally love the hat that came together with this stitch, I call it the Consomme V, and had a hard time deciding whether or not to list it on the shop. Ultimately, it fits a little large on my very small head, and I decided someone else will probably love it as much as I do.

I dove back into my stash of yarn to create the next hat, I wanted to see what would happen if I tried using the Bean Stitch with a hook twice as large as the average hook used with worsted weight yarn. I love the way the purple and off-white looked together, and I wasn't certain that I had enough purple to complete a whole hat on it's own. So I decided a chunky stripe look would be cool. Again, I wanted to experiment a bit more with that Bullion Stitch, so I worked the white and purple yarn together to create a cool stripy, chunky, candy-like brim. I wanted to keep this hat, that I'm calling Jelly Beanie, too! But decided it's too cool to keep to myself!

Last, and certainly not least, I've been dying to work the Star Stitch in the round, and thought the cream colour I've been holding onto would showcase the stitch beautifully. I was right! It's a bit heavier, more of a winter toque than the Consomme V, but the result is quite gorgeous. Because the Star Stitch made for a chunkier toque, I wanted to do a different kind of brim. I worked the brim by stopping working in the round, and instead working back and forth like a flat project, slip stitching it to the toque. It worked really well, making a brim that can be worn in two ways, rolled up for a slightly tighter fit, or unrolled for a super slouchy beanie look. I call this one the Super Star Power.

I also made a version of the Less Than 3 U toque in the same yarn as the Consomme V, because I just love the colours in it so much!

Check out all four new toques in the shop! Loveless Arachne Designs on Etsy

Saturday, 14 February 2015

It's a Sale!

Happy Valentines Day!

My sister sent me this, isn't she sweet?! She gets me.

Anyway, in honour of the big love day, Loveless Arachne decided to spread some love all weekend long!

Use the code LoveLoveless for 25% off everything in the shop! This weekend only! Expires Monday.

With love,

Loveless Arachne <3

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Toques! Just in time for Spring!

Okay, so we're a little outside of toque season, but really who let's the season dictate what we wear?

New to the shop,

Less Than 3 U Slouchie Toque

As modeled by the stunningly beautiful Hedy LaTete, the Less Than 3 U Slouchie Toque is one size fits most hand crocheted toque with a cute spiral-y heart applique. This version is made of a hand-spun feel yarn of unknown (because I lost the label. Oops) fiber. It's super soft, and might stretch a bit over time. Recomend hand wash cold, and lay flat to dry.

Available on Etsy.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Life Gets in the Way

Well, well, well. What can I say? It's been well over a year since I last touched this blog, a lot has been going on! 2013 was not a successful year for me personally, and 2014 wasn't much better. But I'm determined that 2015 will be my year, and despite everything going on in my crazy personal life I've finally - FINALLY - launched Loveless Arachne on Etsy!

Currently the site is filled with jellyfish! But I've got some toques (beanies for you non-Canadian speakers) awaiting photography, and some new designs in my head for dangling earrings, and a few other surprises! The site has only been live for two days, and I'm overwhelmed by the amount of views, likes, and exposure I've already gotten. No orders yet, but at this point I'm so grateful for the exposure. Thank you, everyone. All of your likes and shares really do make me feel pretty awesome.

On a personal note... the weather is gorgeous here, despite the spring like rain today, or maybe because of it. The snow is all but melted and I'm dreaming of an early spring. You may already know this, but my day-job is at a garden centre. So I spend a lot of time surrounded by plants, and ideas for gardening. It's very likely that I will wind up dumping a lot of my small space gardening ideas here as spring grows nearer, just to share the inspiration that growing things can bring. Later today I'm planning on starting some seeds for my containers... perhaps I'll make a DIY tutorial on seed starting in a small space.

Oh, and if you're interested, you can always check out my Instagram account for pictures and updates on new designs, me, my life and of course, my cats. We got a kitten last year - her name is Teirney -so don't be overwhelmed by her epic cuteness all over my IG.