Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Items in the Shop!

It's really nice having a stash of yarn left over from other projects. It allows me to create in a free-crochet kind of way, without worrying that I'm using up precious supplies for the shop. Sometimes, when I'm designing, I come up with interesting and gorgeous things that I can actually sell. And because I'm using limited supplies, they wont ever be exactly duplicated. Unique, and one of a kind!

That's how I wound up designing these three new toques!

 Consomme V Toque on Etsy Jelly Beanie on Etsy

It started with wanting to use some new stitches. The first was the V Stitch, which creates a really nice loose net look when crocheted with a larger hook. When I went to make a brim for the hat, however, nothing I made really worked for me. I've always really liked the look of the Bullion Stitch, but had never used it. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it. Bullion Stitch adds some weight near the front of the hat, and I thought it makes a cute brim. I personally love the hat that came together with this stitch, I call it the Consomme V, and had a hard time deciding whether or not to list it on the shop. Ultimately, it fits a little large on my very small head, and I decided someone else will probably love it as much as I do.

I dove back into my stash of yarn to create the next hat, I wanted to see what would happen if I tried using the Bean Stitch with a hook twice as large as the average hook used with worsted weight yarn. I love the way the purple and off-white looked together, and I wasn't certain that I had enough purple to complete a whole hat on it's own. So I decided a chunky stripe look would be cool. Again, I wanted to experiment a bit more with that Bullion Stitch, so I worked the white and purple yarn together to create a cool stripy, chunky, candy-like brim. I wanted to keep this hat, that I'm calling Jelly Beanie, too! But decided it's too cool to keep to myself!

Last, and certainly not least, I've been dying to work the Star Stitch in the round, and thought the cream colour I've been holding onto would showcase the stitch beautifully. I was right! It's a bit heavier, more of a winter toque than the Consomme V, but the result is quite gorgeous. Because the Star Stitch made for a chunkier toque, I wanted to do a different kind of brim. I worked the brim by stopping working in the round, and instead working back and forth like a flat project, slip stitching it to the toque. It worked really well, making a brim that can be worn in two ways, rolled up for a slightly tighter fit, or unrolled for a super slouchy beanie look. I call this one the Super Star Power.

I also made a version of the Less Than 3 U toque in the same yarn as the Consomme V, because I just love the colours in it so much!

Check out all four new toques in the shop! Loveless Arachne Designs on Etsy

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