Monday, 9 March 2015

Behold! Milk Thistles!

Oh my goodness gracious, this custom order turned out just beautiful! Seriously, the pictures just don't even do the beauty of these little flowers justice! I love working on custom designs, and in this case I love these little flowers so much - I intend to make them available made to order on the Etsy shop!

Also, I showed them to another friend of mine, and that has spurred on a search for the right kind of glass eyes to use to turn this pattern into a pair of beholder earrings. As soon as I can get glass eyes... ooh... I'm so excited!

Oh, and there's a couple new listings in the shop! Check it out!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happiness is the first Sale!

Well, it's official! The first Etsy sale was made yesterday, and now I'm working on a new design for custom earrings!


It's kind of cool collaborating with people on ideas! I was asking about favourite flowers, and the thistle came up. I forgot about how beautiful and aggressive thistles are. Also, they're a good flower for attracting butterflies, which to me juxtaposes their danger delightfully. They will make very cool and different kinds of earrings for sure!

I'm so excited for this, I just really hope they work up as easily as I imagine they will!

Remember, from now until April 1st for every purchase made in the Etsy shop, you'll receive a 25% off discount coupon towards your next purchase! Oh, and in a day or two there should be new listings! Some more jellyfish, beautiful daffodils and fuchsias! And maybe some thistles...  

Well, back to work! I've got earrings to make! And ship out!

Friday, 6 March 2015


We've been live for almost a month, and still no sales in the Etsy shop!

But I think I've got it figured out. I know what you want.


You want free stuff!

Who doesn't?

For whoever makes the first purchase in the Etsy shop, I'll give you a FREE pair of custom made earrings! That's right, FREE and CUSTOM. 

Whoever said I wasn't generous?

Also, ongoing until April 1st, for every purchase made on Etsy, receive a 25% coupon towards your next purchase!

Seriously folks, what could be better than this? Free merch, and discounts!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Support Local Business, Support Local Art

Yesterday I took a good stash of jewelry down to the Golden Buddha, here in Kamloops. I'm working on trying to get some more of my designs in more local shops, but right now the only place other than Etsy where you can find my designs will be there.  Well, you could also contact me directly, of course. Especially if you're looking for custom made pieces!

I love the Buddha, if you've never been it's a really wonderful little gift shop that carries a wide range of cool and interesting gift ware, jewelry, books, art, clothing, metaphysical paraphernalia, crystals... and the place has such a wonderful vibe. I love going there. They've even adopted a blue piano - the one that used to sit out all summer on Victoria Street - so if you feel like serenading a bunch of random people and the staff, you can!

So if you are local, and looking to support local businesses and artists like me, you should definitely head there (and buy some jellyfish!)