Monday, 9 March 2015

Behold! Milk Thistles!

Oh my goodness gracious, this custom order turned out just beautiful! Seriously, the pictures just don't even do the beauty of these little flowers justice! I love working on custom designs, and in this case I love these little flowers so much - I intend to make them available made to order on the Etsy shop!

Also, I showed them to another friend of mine, and that has spurred on a search for the right kind of glass eyes to use to turn this pattern into a pair of beholder earrings. As soon as I can get glass eyes... ooh... I'm so excited!

Oh, and there's a couple new listings in the shop! Check it out!


  1. Those look amazing! <3 <3
    At this point I feel like I need to collect them all.

  2. I hear you on that for sure!