Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Support Local Business, Support Local Art

Yesterday I took a good stash of jewelry down to the Golden Buddha, here in Kamloops. I'm working on trying to get some more of my designs in more local shops, but right now the only place other than Etsy where you can find my designs will be there.  Well, you could also contact me directly, of course. Especially if you're looking for custom made pieces!

I love the Buddha, if you've never been it's a really wonderful little gift shop that carries a wide range of cool and interesting gift ware, jewelry, books, art, clothing, metaphysical paraphernalia, crystals... and the place has such a wonderful vibe. I love going there. They've even adopted a blue piano - the one that used to sit out all summer on Victoria Street - so if you feel like serenading a bunch of random people and the staff, you can!

So if you are local, and looking to support local businesses and artists like me, you should definitely head there (and buy some jellyfish!)

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