Saturday, 25 April 2015

So I Bought a Fish

Not a lot of news with the Etsy Shop these days... I'm waiting impatiently for some new gemstone beads I purchased to arrive, so I can work up some new, Harry Potter inspired, designs to list! Check back soon, it's going to be magical!

Other than that, I've been keeping myself occupied with some sewing commissions, gardening, and setting up a 10 gallon aquarium for this little beauty!

Of all the tropical freshwater fish, Betta Splendins are my favourites! And this little guy is just stunning to watch dart around his 10 gallon home! I named him Aristotle, as he's very curious.

He's a twin tail variety with mustard gas colouration, which I was surprised to find for only $8.99 at one of the local pet stores! This variety is very sought after, and his light blue iridescence and leopard spotting on his dorsal fin make him especially unique.

Unfortunately, he was quite sick when I brought him home. He was dull in colour and as you can see, some damage was done to his upper tail fin, possibly the early onset of fin rot. He also had a swollen abdomen and swim bladder.

The poor guy.

Now, after moving him to a bigger home than a betta bowl, and medicating him for the possible fin rot and feeding him pieces of pea to combat the constipation and bladder swelling, he's happy as a clam!

I'm really enjoying watching him these days. And it's becoming apparent that he's watching me back. He likes to show off, and play with the bubbles in his tank.

Eventually, I might get him some tank mates. Corydoras are another favourite fish of mine that I have previously found success keeping with bettas. I've also read about bettas living well with glass catfish, and am seriously considering that option too. But for now I'm going to slowly phase out the artificial plants in his home in favour of some live ones. I just added a java fern today, and am looking into other varieties of plant life that will do well in his smaller scale home with the added obstacle of using undergravel filtration.

Anyway... enough about my fish!

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